other folks (bad-dominicana is one example) have been posting a lot about it too- about the privilege white misandrists hold and ignore

like, obviously it’s a privilege to be able to talk about cutting people up, or like that one girl, hit some random person in the street for saying a rape joke- as others pointed out, it’s a bit rich to have the queer/feminist ~community~ celebrate that when you consider what cece mcdonald is going through. womyn and non-binary people of color do not have the same space to like plot the violent demise of men. it’s dangerous to even type that shit on your blog for so many people.

and then there’s the fact that they don’t specify that it’s white men who are really to blame for all of the sexism men of color perpetuate because of how whiteness informs the ways they are allowed to be men/allowed to be valid humans. isn’t it the definition of privilege to not even think about all of the men of color when white feminists talk about hating men and wishing them dead. clearly, white people have been pretty successful in killing men of color (or otherwise control their bodies- prisons, military, etc). and that’s just in the states, i’m not getting into colonialism and global domination of people of color. also like in this white feminist utopia where men no longer exist… there’d still be white supremacy. the white womyn would be done with that whole “liberation” thing (cough white gay men) and leave poc in the dust. i seriously doubt patriarchy would be able to withstand the downfall of white supremacy for long. idk i’m just regurgitating the ideas of others wiser and more articulate than i, but i have always been wary of the way that white people get to be so vocal and open about hating men. it’s totally real for privileged people to take on a more “inflammatory” role or whatever, as long as they constantly center the conversation back on those who they hold power over. as long as white people acknowledge their privilege in even being able to say this shit, let alone act on it. that’s what allyship looks like, and it’s clearly not happening. 

tl;dr- who are white misandrists helping but other white people?

ugh god my friends are flooding my dash with brilliant things today that make me uncomfortable in the best of ways.  thanks for writing this lex.

jokes tags getting real yo. Another instalment of: people on tumblr say really really fucking important and eye-opening shit.

Not disagreeing ‘cause like, I know what limpwristpointedfist said is true and powerful, but are we not supposed to celebrate womyn who punch misogynist men making rape jokes? Because I think it is entirely okay and possible to applaud a womyn for doing that and be considerate of what Cece is going through and be active in that as well. 

I can see the privilege it is to be a misandrist but I still don’t really get the “White people created sexism/transphobia/homophobia” Like, I don’t see how that’s supported and if POC violate womyn are we supposed to say “damn those white people ruining everything”? Idk, this is something intricate and complicated and I don’t know how to sort it out. I’m still a misandrist, still a huge hater of white men not identifying their privilege and still routinely insulted and disrespected by black men as often as white men so idk. 

white women who eat, sleep, live and breathe around white men more regularly because they are white and spend more time with white men in general never get disrespected and treated as sexist by Black men as they are by white men. it’s fucking impossible. check yourself bitch.

I don’t really spend time with men at all since I live with three womyn but on the internet and especially okcupid black and white men are pissing me off at a pretty much equal rate, but idk I’ve never actually done the math. I was just saying I am a misandrist remaining a misandrist and maybe it’s a privileged thing to call myself but it’s not a racist thing to call myself, at least I don’t think, under the context that’s been given and do we honestly have to call each other “bitch” when trying to talk feminism like really? really?

well i highly doubt you spend your entire life around only those 3 women and online. like i highly doubt that. you don’t work or leave the house or go to the store or drive or get money from the bank or walk down the street? or have a dad, brother, uncle, cousin or grandfather that you speak with? cause all those white men perpetuate sexism in those relationships and express it, whether glaringly obvious or in more sinister ways. but being white has trained you NOT to see those actions as much and to see any kinds of sexism by Black men in a hightened and more acknowledged light. so your judgement and that statement is inaccurate and clouded as fuck. you’re just not thinking. but you don’t see how white people have created a white supremacist heteropatriarchy that thrives off capitalism and imperialism so i guess you wouldn’t see how whiteness has informed all of this behavior and trains of thoughts as well as how it is the sole reason life sucks for women of all races. 

furthermore, i am not a feminist and so i use bitch as i please. and some white woman saying white and Black men are equally sexist to you when you don’t interact with Black men more than white men and i just KNOW it, well yea, that word is coming out of my mouth. and i am on the end of the conversation where misandry is on the backs of my people by a lot of white woman and also policed by white women when expressed by us in different forms so i dont really owe you shit.

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