when i was a teenager and in my early twenties, it was so hard to say no without being fearful of the reaction. i’ve been called bitch, ho, had men try to really follow me and convince me, plead, beg and get violent. so i learned quickly that in most cases, no wasn’t an ok response. even if i said i had a boyfriend or a partner, the response would generally be “so?” (because people who have no respect for that are totally cool potential partners or fuck buddies *Eyeroll*). so i lied. i still use a fake name when i’m out in the streets depending on how i feel. especially when i was dancing, if i saw a custie and he tried to talk to me. but on the real, i was always afraid of being harmed. seriously harmed. and i don’t wanna get into a verbal confrontation with a man i think will not hesitate to harm me if i cuss him out for being disgusting. only a month ago i cussed some old ass nasty dude out for oggling my sisters ass and then telling me i’m beautiful like this was some kind of compliment when a. duh and b. you was just oggling on my baby 19 year old sisters ass and you 50 fucking something. so i cuss him out. he comes by three times, back and forth, back and forth, yelling at me each time. 

so in cases where i am cornered, where the man aint taking my verbal cues, where he is cute but just doesn’t get i’m not interested, i give fake names and numbers. a lot of girls do this for that reason. all these ashy dick niggas talking about oh don’t give me no fake number neither. if you have a history of getting fake numbers it’s because you are scary, intimidating and too much. and women are using their intuition. and that intuition is telling them that YOU ARE NOT SAFE TO SAY NO TO. i’m so tired of these stupid fuck niggas not understanding shit. their are brothers who respect your boundaries, who can smile and make eye contact, say how are you and see if a conversation proceeds from there. and there are plenty of women who make the first move, it’s 2012 so definitely a lot more than even 2000 i think! even when you reading a book or doing something where you are busy, you know this nigga dont respect that if he bugging you. so if he gets a number, it’s gonna be a fake a lot. it is what it is. these dudes can’t dial back their sense of entitlement to any and all pussy, to a time of day, to our time, their misogyny. their sense of superiority. so we make maneuvers and create survival mechanisms to survive from YOU.

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